Special Economic Zone «Astana–Technopolis»

In accordance with the legislation on special economic zones for the residents of the SEZ «Astana – Technopolis» the following types of preferences and opportunities are provided:


Tax Outside the SEZ Inside the SEZ
corporate icon
Corporate income tax 20% 0%
land icon
Land tax
property icon
Property tax 1,5%
val icon
VAT on import 12% For SEZ residents


Inside the SEZ
free_zone icon
Customs procedure of free customs zone is applied
no_payments icon
Importing to the territory of SEZ without payment of customs and tax payments
free_import icon
Exemption from customs duties when importing equipment, raw materials and (or) other materials for participants of SEZ, who has concluded SPECIAL INVESTMENT CONTRACT


Inside the SEZ
free_land icon
Provision of a free land plot for the entire period of existence of the SEZ
simple_work icon
Simplified procedure for the recruitment of foreign working forces
simple_quota icon
For projects, the volume of investments which exceeds 1 million MCI (Monthly Calculation Indicator) recruitment of foreign working is implemented outside of quota and without work permits
infrastructure icon
Infrastructure is available on provided land plots
water icon
Water supply **** m3 per day
gas icon
Gas supply **** m3 per hour
electricity icon
Electrical supply ** mw
internet icon
Communication * gb per sec.